Islamabad Police launches Go to School campaign to curb Truancy

Islamabad Police launches Go to School campaign to curb Truancy

Islamabad Police launches Go to School campaign

Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT) police have launched a campaign to monitor students during school hours and ensure that they are not skipping school or engaging in negative activities, Independent Urdu Reported. Under the “Go to School” campaign, the police have so far taken custody of over 100 students and handed them over to their parents.

The campaign was initiated after police observed that many students were skipping school and loitering in public places. The police are working with the Safe City Project to identify students who are skipping school and may be involved in undesirable company or drug-related activities.

The police have clarified that no student has been arrested in connection with the campaign. Instead, their parents have been called to the police station and advised to take care of their children and fulfill their responsibilities.

The police said that the campaign is aimed at ensuring the welfare of children and protecting them from drug-related activities. It is also a part of the community policing model, where the police are working with parents and teachers to address issues related to students bunking school.

The police said that in the next phase of the campaign, they will also focus on college students.

The campaign has been welcomed by parents and teachers, who believe that it will help to reduce truancy and keep students safe.

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