The Ministry of Information Technology and Telecommunication (MoITT) is gearing up to facilitate the training of 15,000 individuals in Pakistan through its ambitious initiative, the “Capacity Building of IT Industry in Specialization Technologies & Platforms” program.

As detailed in official documentation obtained by Academia, this program aims to equip both young individuals and women with expertise in cutting-edge technologies. The curriculum will encompass a diverse range of innovative subjects, including Blockchain, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Digital Twins, Cyber Security, Cloud Computing, e-health, BPO, e-agriculture, and various other fields.

The Pakistan Software Export Board (PSEB), in close collaboration with industry experts and academic stakeholders, will meticulously identify the most pertinent and sought-after technologies that warrant training interventions.

Integral to the program is the production of 300 master trainers, specializing in key areas such as blockchain, cloud computing, and artificial intelligence. These master trainers will play a pivotal role in not only devising human resource development programs but also crafting curricula and delivering comprehensive training sessions.

To ensure the success of this endeavor, a high-level steering committee will be established. This committee will oversee the selection of training partners and trainers, determine the scope and duration of training courses, and ensure alignment with the program’s objectives. Distinguished representatives from the MoITT, PSEB, the Pakistan Software Houses Association (PASHA) and other pertinent stakeholders will compose this committee.

A comprehensive IT industry-wide survey will be conducted to gauge the demand for highly skilled professionals and the corresponding technologies. Based on the results of this survey, proposals will be developed, and firms with robust learning management systems will be selected. This strategic approach will enable trainees to participate in training programs either on-site or through online platforms, offering flexibility in the learning process.

The Ministry of IT and Telecommunication has estimated the total expenditure for training 15,000 individuals to be Rs 2,000 million. However, in its initial phase, the government has earmarked Rs 1,000 million for this purpose. Notably, upon successful completion of the training, the 2,500 trainees will be afforded internship opportunities within IT companies for a period of 3 months. During this internship, each trainee will receive a stipend of Rs 25,000 per month, reinforcing the program’s commitment to practical skill application and workforce integration.

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