Iqra University hosted a scholarship awarding ceremony on 15th December 2021 at its main campus in Karachi. Over 300 scholarships were awarded with a combined value worth several million rupees. Scholarships were granted to students that have achieved exceptional academic achievements. Students from all Iqra’s campuses participated and were honoured.

The Chief Guest at the event was Mr Saeed Ghani, Minister of Labour, Human Resources and Information, Government of Sindh. He inaugurated the scholarship distribution ceremony with a speech to the assembled students

“Iqra University is the top-ranked University of Sindh and Pakistan. Iqra University is playing a significant role in providing quality education to students. The efforts of this University are also valuable for the Sindh government. In my view, the government should provide free education to everyone, but unfortunately, we don’t have the resources. Mostly, private sectors are created to make money, but at Iqra University, education is for everyone. There are students who study here that belong to middle-class backgrounds,” said Mr Saeed Ghani.

Prof Dr Waseem Qazi, the Vice-Chancellor of Iqra University, welcomed the participants and Chief Guest in his address. He reminded the audience of Iqra University’s aim and mission.

“Iqra University was established to make knowledge accessible to everyone. IU Scholarships help and encourage our students to stay motivated in their academic excellence. We have 37% female faculty members, 80% of our faculty is PhD. Every year we organize a job fair in which 500 companies participate in helping our students in their professional careers. We have also been facilitating our students in their startups with the help of our Business Incubation Centre.”

This year 1,116 students were eligible for scholarships, from which 1,017 thousand appeared for the test. Of these, 397 were approved for an interview, and 308 successfully passed the interview and were selected for the scholarships. The successful candidates have been given scholarships of between 20% to 40% based on their academic records.

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