Iqra University on Tuesday concluded two days of convocation that adhering to Covid regulations, saw 650 Iqra students graduate alongside their family members.

Chief guests for day two of the convocation saw Professor Dr Muhammad Ali Shah, Vice-Chancellor of Qaid-e-Azam University and Mr Muhammad Ismail Rahoo, Provincial Minister of Sindh for Universities and Board, speak.

Dr Muhammad Ali Shah acknowledged the work of Iqra in producing quality graduates. He said that making graduates is not a significant achievement but making quality graduates is an achievement. He also reminded students to acknowledge the debt of their parents.

“When you were weak, and you were not able to look after yourself, there were people who looked after you, who took good care of you, who educated you, and who have brought you to this position. Now, when times change,e and you become more powerful and more independent, and your parents become weaker, you must always acknowledge your parents’ contribution to making you who you are. Not only for bringing you into this world, but making you a very successful human being.”

The second convocations session saw Mr Muhammad Ismail Rahoo, Provincial Minister of Sindh for Universities and Board, congratulate students on their graduation and Iqra University for improving education in the country and making it available to all the citizens.

“Iqra University is doing a great job in providing international education in collaboration with universities from around the globe. The University is making sure that they keep on providing quality education. Still, as a non-profitable organization, it also helps unprivileged students in achieving quality education,” said Mr Muhammad Ismail Rahoo.

Four sessions were held on the second day of the convocation in total. In addition to Dr Muhammad Ali Shah and Mr Muhammad Ismail Rahoo, other chief guests included, Dr. Zia Ul Qayyum, Vice-Chancellor of Allama Iqbal Open Univeristy, Mr. Murtaza Wahab, Adviser to Chief Minister of Sindh on Law, and the Chairman Pakistan Engineering Council, Muhammed Najeeb Haroon.

On day one, Monday, the Chief guest was the President of Pakistan, Dr Arif Alvi. He called on Pakistani Universities to produce more graduates, citing the growth of artificial intelligence and cloud computing as a factor that can drive more significant graduate numbers.

Dr Wasim Qazi, the Vice-Chancellor of Iqra University, started the convocation on Monday with an engaging welcome address. “This year, we mark the 21st anniversary of Iqra. Today, we have graduated more than 31,000 students since we began. What’s more, we have graduated more than 13,000 women. Let that sink in. We have educated 30,000 leaders. Transformed 30,000 lives,” said Dr Wasim Qazi.

In the past two decades, Iqra University has achieved significant milestones. The Higher Education Commission has ranked it the number one business university in Pakistan. It has also been included in the QS and Times Higher Education ranking of global universities.

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