IUB holds 8th Pedagogical Training


Vice-Chancellor of the Islamia University of Bahawalpur (IUB) expressed his views while talking to the participants of the 8th batch of Pedagogical Training. 162 teachers participated in this training group. The Vice-Chancellor said that teachers can actually change the destiny of nations and it is important to make them aware of the global developments in teaching. He said that the philosophy of this training is that teachers should improve their teaching skills.

Vice-Chancellor Prof Dr Athar Mahboob has said that the exceptional increase in the national and international ranking of Jamia Islamia has been possible due to the improvement in teaching quality. High teaching quality actually plays an important role in producing qualified graduates.

The Islamia University of Bahawalpur organized the first-of-its-kind pedagogical training in the universities of Pakistan. The purpose of this training program is to increase the teaching capacity of the teachers and provide awareness about the latest teaching methods. So far, more than 3000 teachers have been trained.

Focal person Prof Dr Irshad Hussain said that this is the first training program in the history of the university in which regular and part-time teachers are participating. Teacher training and professionalism are very important for quality education. This training program launched as per the vision of the Vice-Chancellor aims to ensure teaching style, professional ethics and effective teaching qualities in the faculty. It includes important issues like teaching, teaching plan, use of media for teaching, and assessment of students’ learning ability.

This training program will certainly play an important role in the national and global ranking of the IUB. He said that the scope of this training program will be extended to affiliated colleges and colleges across the division. On this occasion, the participants said that this training program should be changed into a refresher course so that the teachers can attend on an annual basis and adapt to modern teaching methods.

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