Islamia University of Bahawalpur (IUB) organized 3rd International Conference on Tourism, Entrepreneurship and Business Research (ICTEBR2022) and Young Entrepreneurs Summit III at the Baghdad-ul-Jadeed Campus.

At the Summit undergraduate students come up with new ideas, there is no limit to being a business student only, they can also include students from engineering, pharmacy, veterinary and other disciplines. Currently 112 teams were registered from 40 universities across Pakistan. Judges from the industry and business field will examine the ideas of these students and the best performing students will be awarded cash prizes so that they can run a business based on their idea.

The main objective of this summit was to work on industry development in Bahawalpur region. Our students have many new ideas. We want people to focus on their own business and start their own small and medium businesses. Successful nations in the world are those who have progressed in business and industry, thus the Islamia University of Bahawalpur is playing its role in the economic development of Pakistan.

Conference Secretary Dr Muhammad Imran Rasheed welcomed all the domestic and foreign delegates and expressed special thanks to the Punjab Higher Education Commission for their collaboration and cooperation in the conference. The important topics of the conference are online education during the Covid-19 epidemic, corporate responsibilities of international organizations in the context of the corona epidemic, promotion of mobile business during the Covid-19 epidemic, trends of office hours after the Covid-19 epidemic, small and medium businesses. Impact of climate change, post-Covid-19 opportunities for women in business, gender disparity in workplaces, social and societal impacts of CPEC, technology-induced stress and business performance, green human resource management and environmental performance, Major topics like Winter Tourism Prospects in South Punjab, Mid-Country Tourism in Winter were included.

Among the key domestic and foreign delegates participating in the conference are Prof Dr Amandeep Dhir, Prof Dr Rui Torres, Prof Dr Amama Shaukat, Dr Puneet Kaur, Dr Atifa Nijwani Shahidan, Dr Yasri, Dr Ghazali Bin Hasan, Prof Dr Fauzia Jabeen, Prof Dr Usman Mustafa, Prof Dr Abdul Rehman, Dr Iram Saba, Dr Ghulam Ali Arain, Prof Dr Muhammad Zahid, Dr Waheed Ali Imrani, Dr Muhammad Abrar, Dr Abdul Hamid Patafi, Dr Owais Gulzar and Dr Asif Saeed are included.

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