IUB Student Wins Best Research Paper Award at SICAU Forum

IUB Student Wins Best Research Paper Award at SICAU Forum

IUB Student Wins Best Research Paper Award at SICAU Forum

The inaugural International Academic Forum for Students at Sichuan Agricultural University (SICAU) was held with great success, showcasing the academic prowess and innovative research of 36 students from 10 different institutes. This prestigious event highlighted the achievements of both Chinese and international students, who presented their research and fielded questions from a panel of esteemed judges.

The forum was divided into three sub-forums: the Animal Sciences Group; the Food, Science, Plant and Environmental Engineering Group; and the Agricultural and Forestry Economic Management Group. Each sub-forum featured intense and spirited competition as students vied for the coveted Best Research Paper Award.

Rabia Tahir, a 2021 doctoral student from the College of Animal Science and Technology at the Islamia University of Bahawalpur (IUB), emerged as a standout participant. She was the only Pakistani student to receive the Best Research Paper Award, a recognition of her exceptional work in the field of animal science. Tahir’s participation was facilitated by a memorandum of understanding between SICAU and the IUB, demonstrating the collaborative efforts to enhance academic opportunities across borders.

The International Student Academic Forum is a cornerstone of the “Student International Competence Enhancement Action” under SICAU’s SAGE plan. This initiative aims to promote internationalization, encourage knowledge sharing among students, broaden their global perspectives, and lay a solid foundation for their academic and professional development.

Dr. Li Ming, the forum’s chief organizer, emphasized the significance of this event: “This forum represents a crucial step in our efforts to integrate international students into our academic community and to foster a spirit of global collaboration and innovation. The achievements of our students today reflect the high standards and diverse perspectives that are integral to the future of agricultural sciences.”

The success of the First International Academic Forum for Students at SICAU underscores the university’s commitment to academic excellence and international cooperation. As the forum continues to grow in the coming years, it promises to be a vital platform for students worldwide to showcase their research and contribute to the advancement of agricultural sciences.

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