IUNC organizes students’ drawing exhibition


The creativity of the students is a testament to the exhibition of this drawing and I am proud that the students have developed their skills and brought their imaginations to life with the art of drawing. These views were expressed by Prof Dr Syed Ali Raza, Director Academics, Iqra University North Campus (IUNC), Karachi during his visit to the drawing exhibition organized by the media sciences students at Iqra University.

Prof Dr Syed Ali Raza was impressed by the artworks of the students who had used graphite, charcoal, colored pencils, and markers to create beautiful art pieces. The techniques and styles used by the students were also unique and exclusively detailed which were evident in different artworks like still life, expressive portraits, etc. The students experimented with different mediums and methods, which helped them capture the actual emotions of their subjects or focus on particular aspects of someone’s appearance.

The artworks of the students showed their creativity and indicated that they have the ability and the talent to become great artists of the future. Dr Syed Ali Raza congratulated the faculty members and the participants of the exhibition for organizing a successful exhibition.

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