Javed Siddiqui’s book ‘A Handful of Stories” unveiled at the 14th International Urdu Conference


The second session of the 14th International Urdu Conference held at Arts Council of Pakistan Karachi on the second day of the 7th session of the book “A handful of stories” by renowned Indian poet and storyteller Javed Siddiqui was launched by the Arts Council of Pakistan Karachi.

Javed Siddiqui, while addressing online from India, thanked the President of Arts Council Karachi, Ahmed Shah, and said that by ensuring the publication of my book in a very short period of time, Arts Council Karachi has really put mustard on its palm.

Well-known poet Gulzar Sahib also addressed the event online from India while the ceremony was presided over by Zahra Negah. The book was discussed by the President Arts Council of Pakistan Muhammad Ahmad Shah and Mubeen Mirza. Declaring Urdu to be the first lady, she said that wherever Urdu goes, it makes its own accent and connects us to this language in a relationship which is the language of love.

Spreading love, he said that in Javed Siddiqui’s stories and sketches Jo R. When we read their sketches, we do not see Javed Siddiqui anywhere in it. The sketches that have been written are life experiences, not the story of a single character but by reading them we see and feel these street coaches ourselves, Javed Siddiqui said that the Arts Council of Pakistan Karachi published my book so soon. I have done a great job which I am amazed at and the most important thing is that my book is being unveiled by Zahra Nigah which is a great honor for me.

She said that there are many types of relationships but There is another relationship which is called language relationship and we are all bound in the same beautiful and strong relationship where without a passport and without visa we talk to each other, he said the name of the book and the title of Gulzar Sahib. Made, I wrote the first sketch, so my literary age is only twelve years, so I have been receiving acceptance for so long. Yes, I am very grateful to Arts Council Karachi for this.

President of Arts Council Karachi Muhammad Ahmad Shah said that we are happy that this award has been given to Arts Council Karachi that the book of Javed Siddiqui has been published by this institution. The attribution of this book is also in the name of Gulzar Sahib. He said that the kindness and compassion of Gulzar Sahib are for all the people.

It is a big job you are working for and I have come to make you look me in the eye under the pretext of meeting you, said Mubeen Mirza. There was a halo of light in the sketches of Javed Siddiqui and that personality can also belong to an ordinary person because he is also one of these ordinary person. Bringing out the light, his art has come out in his stories. He said that the beauty of the characters that Javed Siddiqui has portrayed in his fiction is that they blend into our personal experiences. It reaches us like perfume and communicates itself.

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