Karachi Intermediate Exams 2024 Postponed Due to Heatwave

Karachi Intermediate Exams 2024 Postponed Due to Heatwave

Karachi Intermediate Exams 2024 Postponed

The Chairman of the Intermediate Board (BIEK) has announced that the intermediate exams in Karachi, originally scheduled for May 28, will now start on June 1 due to the recent hot weather. This decision follows logistical difficulties and a conflict with the rescheduled matriculation exams.

In an official statement, the Chairman explained that the board has requested a four-day extension for the exam dates. This request has been submitted to the Minister of Education Boards and Universities for approval.

“Given the circumstances, it is not feasible to conduct the intermediate exams from May 28,” the Chairman stated. “We have sought permission to delay the exams to June 1 to ensure a smooth process and avoid overlapping with the matriculation exams.”

The Chairman highlighted the logistical issues, noting that 21 higher secondary schools were designated as centers for both the intermediate and matriculation exams. Initially, the intermediate exams were planned for the morning, and the matriculation exams in the evening at these centers.

However, the severe heat wave in Karachi caused the matriculation exams to be postponed to May 28. This overlap created an untenable situation, making it impossible to hold both sets of exams simultaneously at the same venues.

“Conducting exams for both boards at the same time in these 21 centers is impractical,” the Chairman emphasized. “The heat has already disrupted the matriculation schedule, necessitating this adjustment for the intermediate exams.”

To resolve the issue and finalize the new schedule, the Minister of Education Boards and Universities has convened a meeting today. The Chairman of the Matriculation Board will also attend to coordinate efforts and ensure all exams proceed without further disruptions.

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