Ten individuals were apprehended in an inebriated state when the Karachi Police executed a raid on a gathering held at a residence in DHA Phase 4. This event, allegedly hosted by the American School, has led to the registration of a case under the Narcotics Act and Speaker Act at the Gizri Police Station.

In addition to the arrests, law enforcement also confiscated eight bottles of alcohol, speakers, and various items from the bungalow where the gathering was taking place.

The raid was conducted under the supervision of Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) Zulfikar Samu, Umar Tariq Bejari, and the Station House Officer (SHO) for Gizri.

Upon arrival at the scene, the police party discovered a dance party organized by a foreign school in progress, with both male and female attendees dressed in revealing attire. The event was hosted at Mianawali House, located in the DHA Phase 4 area.

According to sources, one of the arrested individuals, who provided their name as Sheding Details, identified the bungalow’s owner as Khalid Khan. Permission to hold the event was reportedly granted by the organizer, Ayan Ali.

Video clips from the police raid have circulated on social media, suggesting that the participants were predominantly young school students, around 250 in number, with a majority of them being girls and dressed in attire considered objectionable.

According to documents circulating on social media, the Karachi American School (KAS) had sought permission to host the party at the specified location on Friday, October 13th.

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