KATI president visits KIBF on crowded Sunday

KATI president visits KIBF on crowded Sunday

KATI president at KIBF

On the fourth day of the ongoing 17th Karachi International Book Fair (KIBF) at the Expo Center, a large number of students, teachers, philanthropists, politicians, educationists and President KATI visited the fair to buy books of their own interest.

While talking to journalists, senior politician Farooq Sattar said things have become the hallmark of Karachi, this book fair is also being considered identity of Karachi.  The trend of studying among female students had increased so much and they are studying in such a large number that even the general universities looked like of it as girls’ university.

President Korangi Association of Trade and Industry (KATI) Faraz Ur Rahman  said that due to the increase in the value of the US dollar, the prices of the paper have increased and this issue will be raised on any platform. “Book fairs should be held 3 to 4 times a year,” he added.

Faraz Ur Rahman said that in this modern era where it was considered that the trend of books has decreased, but coming to the book fair, it did not seem that books have become less important. He said that it was true that books had the biggest role in our values and civilization. Even if a man goes to the moon, the importance of books is remained the same. Three to four such book fairs must be organized every year for book lovers.

In response to a question, President KATI said that the publisher played the role of a bridge between the writer and the readers. In this way, the business community is proving to be helpful in spreading knowledge. “A nation that turns away from the Book is destroyed. After coming here, I am surprised that children, elders, women, people of all ages are showing interest in books,” he added.

In response to a question, Faraz Ur Rahman said that due to the increase in the value of the dollar, the effects of inflation have affected all sectors and commodities, similarly, books have also become expensive and are becoming out of the reach of the common man.

Separately, Secretary School Education (SELD) Ghulam Akbar Laghari said that the department was reactivating existing libraries in government schools and building halls so that students have the opportunity to read books in addition to co-curricular activities.

The Secretary said that he visited the book fair every year. He said that the books which were not available anywhere else were available in the International Karachi Book Fair. Most books were printed in Europe, but electronic books had also been introduced there for the convenience of people.

In response to a question, the education secretary said that a program has been made to activate the old libraries established in government schools and now a hall was also being built in the buildings of the government schools. Earlier, Education Secretary Ghulam Akbar Leghari visited the book fair and bought books.

A large number of citizens participated in the book fair at the Karachi Expo Center on Sunday, breaking all previous records. Monday is the last day of the book fair. The book-loving people of Karachi, even on the fourth day, the crowd of book-lovers was still there

Apart from increasing the knowledge of the students, books related to their training are also available in the book fair. For the first time, book buyers have been seen queuing up and waiting for their turn.

The keen interest of people who were fond of books remained at the Expo Center until 8:30 pm on Sunday night. Pakistan’s largest Karachi International Book Fair is being held since 2005.

The book fair made available books on various subjects under one roof at reasonable prices, which also encourages bibliophile. The purpose of the book fair was to highlight the importance and value of books among people.

Like every year, a Read Maududi stall has been set up at the Karachi International Book Fair and a special prize is being given to each person who visits the stall. All the books of Maulana Maududi are available at discounted rates.

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