Khawaja Asif apologizes to Vice Chancellors for inappropriate words

Khawaja Asif apologizes to Vice Chancellors for inappropriate words

Khawaja Asif to Vice Chancellors

Minister for Defence Khawaja Muhammad Asif on Friday offered his sincere apologies to the Vice Chancellors for his use of an inappropriate word during a recent speech.

Responding to the letter that had been written to the Speaker National Assembly of Pakistan by the Vice Chancellors, the minister acknowledged the inappropriateness of his word and requested that it be expunged from the record.

Speaking at the National Assembly here, the minister expressed his deep respect for teachers and educational institutions, highlighting his personal connections with those from whom he received his education. However, he lamented the prevalence of corruption in the country, describing it as an accepted norm within society, unfortunately. He urged educational institutions to play a role in teaching the avoidance of this pervasive evil.

Minister Khawaja Muhammad Asif emphasized the esteemed status of educational institutions in the country.

While the main focus of his speech was against corruption in various sectors including the bureaucracy, government, judiciary and other departments, he said. The minister acknowledged that his choice of words had been inappropriate. He apologized if his remarks had hurt the sentiments of the Vice Chancellors.

In response, the National Assembly Speaker commended Minister Asif for his magnanimity in offering an apology. The Speaker highlighted the crucial role of Vice Chancellors in running educational institutions and ensuring a better future. The recent invitation extended to all Vice Chancellors for the Golden Jubilee celebrations demonstrated the government’s seriousness in recognizing the importance of teachers, the Speaker added.

The Speaker urged all lawmakers to exercise caution in their choice of words during their speeches on the floor of the National Assembly. He emphasized that respectful and considerate language was essential in maintaining a conducive and respectful parliamentary environment.

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