To highlight the cultural diversity of the gorgeous homeland, Kinnaird Centre for Learning and Cultural Developments, Kinnaird College for Women (KCW) organized a graceful cultural event entitled “Rhythms of Pakistan”. Artists presented outstanding performances in traditional attires and reflected the centuries-old traditions of all Five provinces including Punjab, KPK, Sindh, Balochistan, Kashmir and Gilgit Baltistan as well.

Envisioned by Kinnaird Center for Learning and Cultural Development (KCLCD), the event received outstanding applause from faculty, students and delegation of French Universities. Rectors, International Managers and Presidents of Top 15 universities of France attended the exclusive event and acknowledged the brilliant display of cultural performances and talent of young students.

Deputy Head of Mission from the French Embassy, Education Attaché and regional head of Campus France also appreciated the talent of performing groups. They took keen interest in learning about the folk dresses, traditions and elegant culture. The French delegation said that cultural diversity is the real beauty of Pakistan and we want to highlight a positive, peaceful image of Pakistan so that Pakistan can achieve its due special place at the global level.

Dr Rukhsana David, Principal Kinnaird College welcomed the distinguished guests on their visit to the campus. During the visit enhancement in academic collaboration and various proposals came under discussion. The French delegation revealed the possible opportunities for Pakistani students in French universities and vowed to help Pakistani students for further study in various disciplines in every possible way.

Director KCLCD Ms Maha Jamil and Rizwan Anwar UN Global Youth Ambassador on Sustainable Development Goals thanked the French delegation for offering their support in exchange programs and possible collaborations for Academic and Research Exchanges. While talking with the French delegation, Rizwan Anwar said that Kinnaird college is committed to high quality education to Pakistani female youth and collaboration with foreign universities will be enhanced in this regard.

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