The Feminist Collective, a group of human rights and social activists, has written an open letter against the organizers of the Karachi Literature Festival  (KLF), demanding that a pro-Israeli writer, Ronya Othmann, should not be invited to the literary event.

The Karachi Literature Festival is set to commence on February 17, with speakers from Pakistan and other countries scheduled to address the audience.

This time, the organizers had also invited German writer Ronya Othmann, who is known to be a supporter of Israel and a staunch critic of Palestine, even going as far as to propagate Islamophobia.

Ronya Othmann has not only continued to label Palestinians as terrorists but has also been responsible for spreading terrorism against Muslims in the name of Jihad through her tweets, social media posts, and articles, while demanding the expulsion of Palestinian-origin Muslims residing in Germany.

In light of these intolerant and extremist views, human rights activists have openly demanded that the organizers of KLF refrain from inviting the said writer, and in case of non-compliance, have called for not just boycotting the literary festival but also initiating a campaign against it.

Furthermore, criticism has been directed at the KLF organizers from other quarters, leading them to remove the mentioned writer’s name from the list of speakers, website, and social media posts.
Later, the renowned Journalist of Dawn News, Zarar Khuro announced on his Twitter profile that KLF had disinvited Ronya Othmann

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