KMU reserves admission seats for Afghan Students

KMU reserves admission seats for Afghan Students

KMU reserves admission seats for Afghan Students

In a recent Khyber Medical University (KMU) meeting attended by key officials, including Vice-Chancellor Prof Dr Ziaul Haq, KMU announced its decision to admit Afghan students into all BS programs while charging them the same tuition fees as Pakistani students. This decision stems from the recognition of Afghanistan’s prolonged conflict and its dire impact on healthcare infrastructure and the overall population.

The vice-chancellor expressed KMU’s commitment to welcoming Afghan students into programs such as Physiotherapy and Pharmaceutical Sciences. KMU had already begun offering Afghan students the same fees as their Pakistani counterparts in the previous academic year, despite financial challenges. The goal is to extend medical education opportunities to a greater number of Afghan students, with the hope that high-quality medical education will contribute to addressing Afghanistan’s healthcare challenges accumulated over the past four decades.

Mufti Noorullah Hotak also noted that the reported ban on female education by the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan is a matter of ongoing change and adaptation in the educational curriculum. He reassured that, as the curriculum evolves up to the 9th grade, doors for female students would soon reopen.

The news has been reported by a renowned journalist, Mushtaq Yousafzai, on X (Twitter):

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