Kotli University Hosts Seminar on Palestine

Kotli University Hosts Seminar on Palestine

Kotli University Hosts Seminar on Palestine

The Department of Islamic Studies at the University of Kotli Azad Jammu and Kashmir (UoK-AJK) hosted a significant one-day seminar titled “Understanding the Palestine Issue.” The event was chaired by Prof Dr Sabahat Akram, Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences & Humanities, and took place at the New Campus Auditorium.

Syed Mudassir Ali Gardazi, Lecturer of Islamic Studies at the University of Kotli, welcomed the guests as stage secretary. The seminar was officially opened by Dr Wajahat Khan, Head of the Islamic Studies Department, who paid tribute to the martyrs of Palestine, setting a respectful and solemn tone for the discussions that followed. He expressed hope that the insights gained from the seminar would inspire students and scholars to contribute positively to the discourse on global conflicts and the role of the Muslim world.

The seminar featured two distinguished speakers from the Mirpur University of Science and Technology (MUST). Dr Sajjad Ahmed, Assistant Professor of Islamic Studies, delivered a detailed historical analysis of the Palestine issue. His lecture covered pivotal events from the early 20th century, the establishment of Izrael in 1948, and the subsequent conflicts and peace processes. Dr Ahmed emphasized the historical grievances and geopolitical factors that have contributed to the ongoing conflict.

Dr Mustafa Inqalabi, Lecturer of Islamic Studies at MUST, presented a lecture on “The Palestine Issue and the Responsibilities of the Muslim World.” He discussed the contemporary challenges faced by Palestinians, the role of international organizations, and the responsibilities of Muslim nations in supporting the Palestinian cause. Dr Inqalabi highlighted the socio-political and economic impacts of the conflict and called for a unified and proactive stance from the global Muslim community.

In her closing remarks, Prof Dr Sabahat Akram commended the speakers for their informative and engaging presentations. She emphasized the importance of academic forums in fostering a deeper understanding of international issues and encouraged continued dialogue and research on the Palestine issue.

The seminar provided a comprehensive exploration of the Palestine issue, blending historical perspectives with current developments and future challenges. The audience, composed primarily of students from the Department of Islamic Studies, engaged actively with the speakers, posing insightful questions and contributing to the thought-provoking discussion. The high turnout demonstrated a strong interest in understanding the complexities and responsibilities associated with the Palestine issue.

Overall, the seminar on “Understanding the Palestine Issue” was a resounding success, highlighting the importance of informed academic engagement in addressing complex international issues. The Department of Islamic Studies plans to organize similar events in the future to continue promoting critical thinking and informed debate among students and scholars.

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