KP Education Ministry To Launch Five-Year Reform Programme


To revolutionise the education system in KP, the ministry of education has decided to introduce a five-year education reform programme for the next five years. Under this programme, teachers training and curriculum development reforms will be implemented, while 65 thousand new teachers including eleven thousand primary teachers will be appointed.

The Khyber-Pakhtunkhawa government has approved and allocated a hefty amount in the budget 2019-20 for education in the newly merged districts and after the extension of the independent monitoring unit (IMU) to the tribal districts, 138 DATA collection monitoring assistants (DCMAs) will be initiated in the merged areas along with computer operators that will be hired and trained in the coming month.

Under the plan, 93 percent of the Talemi Islahi Jirga (TIJs) in merged districts will be converted into the parent-teacher councils (PTCs) to improve the standard of education. Other measures under the plan include the construction of 45 new primary schools, 22 primary schools to be upgraded to middle schools, 26 middle schools to be upgraded to secondary schools and 21 secondary schools to be upgraded to higher secondary schools. According to an education department official, the new programme will focus on numerical and critical literacy.

Moreover, for accessing the classroom culture and the overall learning process in the school, the education ministry will introduce the concept of school leaders across the province, who will be trained for the academic year 2020. For improving learning practises the ministry will develop scrip lessons for English, Maths and Urdu teachers.

The revised CPD programme will benefit 90,000 primary school teachers including FR, while the new next five years programme will be extended to all newly merged districts of KP. The official also added that the K-P textbook board will revise textbooks from grade on e to 10 including English, maths, physics, chemistry and biology which will be available in the coming academic year.

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