The University of Karachi paid homage to the national hero, renowned nuclear scientist, and Mohsin-e-Pakistan late Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan on Monday.

Speakers recalled Dr A. Q. Khan’s contribution to the motherland and acknowledged his enormous academic, scientific, and social services for the people of Pakistan.

They termed that Dr A. Q. Khan who was one of the radiant graduates of the University of Karachi and the leading nuclear scientist, who had made Pakistan first Muslim nuclear state around the world.

The special governing council meeting of Dr A. Q. Khan Institute of Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering (KIBGE) was held at its Jinnah Auditorium to pay homage and tribute to the Mohsin-e-Pakistan late Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan.

Addressing the meeting through video link, Dr Dina Khan the daughter of Dr A. Q. Khan, said that her father remains attached to KIBGE and despite his poor health he used to visit to speak to students, researchers, faculty, and trainers of the various program held in KIBGE on regular basis and since its establishment, he was involved in research activities at the Institute.

“He was very happy that KIBGE was significantly doing well in research and researchers from all over the country were benefiting from the research and teaching activities taking place at the KIBGE.”

The former KU Vice Chancellor Professor Dr Pirzada Qasim Raza Siddiqui said that Dr A. Q. Khan was a man who liked to help others. Besides, making us a nuclear country, he had a purpose in life and he want to provide quality education and basic health facilities to the common people of the country.

He mentioned that despite limitations and regardless of the situation Dr A. Q. Khan never give up and due to his never-ending efforts Pakistan becomes the first Muslim nuclear state. Professor Dr Qasim Raza shared that Dr A. Q. Khan was trying to establish a knowledge-based society in Pakistan so that our youngsters could perform better than what we have done for the country.

Meanwhile, another ex-VC Professor Dr Muhammad Qaiser said that Dr A. Q. Khan was a multi-faceted personality. His love for the country was unmatchable and he wanted the development of Pakistan in all walks of life. The education and health sectors were his topmost priorities as he was well aware of the importance of these areas.

The KU VC Professor Dr Khalid Mahmood Iraqi said that Dr A. Q. Khan was well versed in the art of building and nurturing an institution. He mentioned that despite numerous problems and difficulties, he has never seen Dr A. Q. disappointed.

The KU VC Professor Dr Khalid Iraqi mentioned that Dr A. Q. Khan was a successful person and respected and loved by the whole country because he has sacrificed everything to make Pakistan a peaceful nuclear state

Decades-old friend Senator Abdul Haseeb Khan said that we all know that Dr A. Q. Khan was a noble and honest man and has unconditional love for the country. Although he had a reputation as a nuclear scientist, he also made suggestions to governments from time to time for the betterment of Pakistan’s economy.

“Owing to Dr A. Q. Khan’s contribution, our enemies now cannot use a nuclear weapon against Pakistan and that is why they are now trying to weaken us economically.”

Another speaker, Mian Arshad Farooq said that Dr A. Q. Khan was a very humble person who always tried to help others and also instructed others to do the same. The retired General Moinuddin Haider said that the services rendered to our motherland will always be remembered and hoped that the next generation will also learn from the personality of Dr A. Q. Khan.

Sultan Chawla, a well-known businessman, said that it was not possible to count the services of Dr A. Q. Khan for Pakistan, he was not only a nuclear scientist but he was a person who served the nation, country, and humanity in different ways.

He mentioned that India is eight times more resourceful and has better international connections than Pakistan, and our outdated education system was not producing people like Dr A. Q. Khan and that is why late nuclear scientist was trying to bring improvement to our education system.

Professor Dr Zabita Khan Shinwari said that Dr A. Q. Khan decided to do something for Pakistan and put his life and future at stake. He had European citizenship but he prefers to come back to serve Pakistan. Another speaker, Professor Dr Raza Shah said that he saw the personality of Dr A. Q. Khan as a very humble person who always tried to help others.

The former Director General KIBGE Dr Hassan Mujtaba Naqvi said that Dr A. Q. Khan faced many difficulties in life but did not give up and his determination to do something for Pakistan was matchless.

The DG KIBGE Professor Dr Abid Azhar said that Dr A. Q. was a man of knowledge, a friend of literature and philanthropist, striving to serve humanity without distinction.

Dr Anwar Naseem said that Dr A. Q. Khan has a lot of plans for the welfare of society, he wanted to build a hospital in Lahore, the construction work of which had already started, we all are working together to complete it so that it could become functional as soon as possible.

At the end of the meeting, special dua and prayers were offered for the forgiveness of Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan and the elevation of his rank in Janat-e-Firdous

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