Pakistanis still need to learn from the thoughts, teaching, and philosophy of Dr Muhammad Allama Iqbal. We all praise Allama Iqbal for his vision and devotion and acknowledge that he was the great leader who gives the concept of a separate homeland for Muslims of the subcontinents. But, unfortunately, we did not follow what he teaches us and what he wants us to do for the betterment of our motherland.

This is a reality that the west has learned a lot from Dr Muhammad Iqbal, they learn how to survive in difficult situations and how to struggle when there is little hope and things are not in their favor. However, we failed to implement his teaching and thoughts in our society in letter and spirit.

These views were expressed by the Vice Chancellor University of Karachi Professor Dr Khalid Mahmood Iraqi on Tuesday. He was addressing the audience during an Iqbal Day celebration held at the Karachi University Business School Auditorium.

The ceremony was attended by Sector Commander Sindh Rangers Brigadier Muhammad Shabir Khan, Wing Commander Col. Musoor Abbas, Major Imran, KU Student Advisor Dr Syed Asim Ali, Professor Dr Uzma Farman, Dr Danish Pirzada, chairs of various departments, teachers, and a large number of students.

The KU VC Professor Dr Khalid Iraqi informed the audience that a lot of work has been done regarding Iqbal’s literary and philosophical work in Germany while in Pakistan we have not done such a world.

Another speaker, Professor Dr Uzma Farman said that Allama Iqbal has declared the youth as the catalyst for change in society, life, and thought. Iqbal is such a big and widespread name that it is not possible to wrap it up and cover his personality and work in a single day.

“Before the independence, the people of the subcontinent had almost give-up the hopes that British rulers will leave their land, and at that time very few people like Iqbal tried to awaken the sleeping nation through his thoughts and also showed them the way to the destination.”

On this occasion, the Karachi University Music Society released a special song “Talash” based on Allama Iqbal work to celebrate Iqbal Day. It was the fifth nation song being released by the team of KUMS during the last three years.

Furthermore, the Karachi University Theatre and Drama Society stage a drama “Nahi hai Iqbal Na Ummed” whereas a marathon race “Shaheen never gets tired” was organized by the Karachi University Sports Society and the members of the Inclusive Society of the University of Karachi presented national anthem by using sign language. The performances were appreciated by the guest and audience and merit certificates were also distributed among the students who participated in various activities

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