KU student killed in Balochistan

KU student killed in Balochistan


KARACHI: Twenty-four year-old Yasir Zafar who was a student of the Geography Department at the University of Karachi was gunned down in his hometown of District Kech’s Buleda area three days ago.


According to the local media reports, a few days Zafar had returned to his hometown from Karachi to celebrate Eid with his family. However, he was brutally killed by some unidentified people while the reasons for Zafar’s murder are still unknown.


Later some of the local news outlets claimed that the student was targeted by unidentified persons while quoting Balochistan Finance Minister Zahoor Buledi local media reports say that Yasir Zafar’s was shifted to the hospital for postmortem. Evidence has been gathered from the crime scene, an investigation into the incident is underway.


The minister expressed regret over the incident and said that law enforcement agencies are thoroughly investigating the case and they will bring the killers to a logical conclusion. Later, Balochistan Levies told the reporters that some unknown came to the home and they called Zafar out of his home. But Levies have not leaked further information to reporters.

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