KUTS demonstrates pro-Palestinians protest

KUTS demonstrates pro-Palestinians protest


KARACHI: Karachi University Teacher Society (KUTS) on Monday demonstrated pro-Palestinians protest on campus at the KU Arts Lobby.

The speakers on occasion said that the Muslim Ummah should stand united and fight for the liberation of Jerusalem. The KU Vice Chancellor Prof. Dr. Khalid Mahmood Iraqi said that the issue of Palestine is an issue of world peace and basic human rights.

For this, international public opinion has to be leveled. “In the field of diplomacy, we have not been able to play the role we should have,” he said. Therefore, the Palestinians are still victims of atrocities.

KUTS President Prof. Dr. Shah Ali Al-Qadr said that the Origination of Islamic Cooperation did not seem to exist. The unity of the Islamic world is the greatest need of the hour, without which Israel cannot be confronted.

Senior KU professor Dr. Jamil Kazmi said that Muslims have to hone their skills in science and research, otherwise they will not be able to compete with Israel or the international community. He says Israel’s success is due to its expertise in science and technology. He called Hamas and Hezbollah the real mujahideen of the Palestinians.

Dr. Osama Shafiq said that the existence of Israel has been illegal since day one and the Palestinians have been deprived of their lands for the last 70 years on the basis of Jewish settlement, which is a violation of basic human rights.

He said that the world media is in the hands of the Jews. Facebook has removed tens of millions of posts and content under the pro-Semitic policy, sending a message that there is no freedom of expression on social media.

Destroying the offices of the Associated Press and Al Jazeera is an attack on freedom of the press that has no place in any civilized society.

Prof. Dr. SM Taha said that why the international powers occupying Afghanistan and destroying the idols of Bamiyan in Afghanistan are silent today on the martyrdom of 67 children in Palestine and destruction of 50 schools and hospitals. He said that two actions of world powers were destroying world peace.

Dr Shamail Qadri and Dr Mohsin Ali also addressed the protesters. Demonstrators also staged a protest rally from Arts Lobby to UBL Bank. In addition to teachers and non-teaching staff, students also participated in the demonstrations and rallies.

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