Lahore Science Mela 2018: Inspiring The Next Generation Of Builders


Studies related to scientific subjects traditionally make young students a bit apprehensive because of a general perception that the concepts are either too difficult or too boring to fully understand.CCCC

But both parents and children often do not realize that science of nature and things around us is a world full of awe and wonder, exposure to which can lead to young minds on paths of marvelous discoveries. But studies of science in Pakistan have traditionally been pursued in the realm of medicine, as it is a profession considered both highly esteemed and rewarding for professionals associated with it. In most cases, if a student does not make it to medical school, he or she is often encouraged not to pursue a profession in science further.

However, science is much more than study of medicine, and its applications are increasingly becoming evident in even the smallest of everyday chores. But the amazement of science cannot be understood by children without a due exposure to its possibilities, which is why the 2nd Lahore Science Mela 2018 was as significant an event for our youth as any.

Wonder how they did that?

The two-day event was organised at Ali Institute of Education by Khwarizmi Science Society, a non-profit entity working towards the popularisation of science among students and the general public of Pakistan since 1997.

Hey, look!
Hey, look!

The science mela, held on January 27 and 28, was an open-for-all event that invited the people of Lahore to explore the scientific discoveries and milestones in Pakistan. There were around 70 exhibits from government-based and non-government organisations and the entire venue was set up as a temporary museum.

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Syed Babar Ali at the opening day.

Several organisations participated in the event, including Pakistan Science Club, PCSIR, JF Labs, Makeistan, Robokids, EjaadTech, Lahore Astronomical Society, The Planetary Society, Allama Iqbal Medical College, Government College Lahore and CECOS University Peshawar.AXAXA

Young scientists like Huzair Awan, Moiz Mudassar Khokhar, Elsa Khokhar and Aimen Rajput also participated in the mela and exhibited their inventions and scientific experimentation. Eleven year old Moiz Mudassar surprised visitors by exhibiting the process of extracting DNA from fruits, leaving elders in amazement and children truly in awe, and hopefully, inspired.

The event was a worthy effort to make the people realize the importance and application of science and an attempt to provide hands-on experience to children to inspire them to pursue their innate sense of curiosity in order to become innovative adults of tomorrow.

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