LCWU Commemorates Olympic Day 2024

LCWU Commemorates Olympic Day 2024

LCWU Commemorates Olympic Day 2024

The vibrant spirit of Olympism was alive and well at Lahore College for Women University (LCWU) as it hosted the Olympic Day 2024 celebrations under the esteemed patronage of Vice Chancellor Prof Dr Shagufta Naz. The event, marked by enthusiasm and unity, featured Mr Faisal Ayoub Khokher, Minister of Sports Punjab, as the chief guest.

The ceremony saw a distinguished assembly, including President of the Pakistan Olympic Association (POA) Mr Abid Qadri, Secretary General of the POA, and the Attaché for Cooperation and Culture from the French Embassy in Pakistan. A number of Olympians and a large contingent of athletes were also in attendance, adding to the event’s prestige and spirit.

In her opening address, Vice Chancellor Prof Dr Shagufta Naz emphasized the importance of sports in promoting not only physical fitness but also fostering unity and peace. “Olympic Day is a reminder of the power of sports to transcend barriers and bring people together,” she said. “We are proud to host such an event that underscores these values at our university.”

Mr Faisal Ayoub Khokher, in his keynote speech, highlighted the role of sports in personal and national development. He praised the efforts of the university in organizing the event and encouraged the athletes to continue striving for excellence. “Sports instill discipline, teamwork, and perseverance,” he remarked. “These qualities are essential for the progress of any society.”

The event featured a series of activities, including a symbolic Olympic run, sports demonstrations, and cultural performances, embodying the principles of Olympism. Athletes from various disciplines showcased their skills, inspiring the audience with their dedication and talent.

Mr Abid Qadri, President of the POA, reiterated the association’s commitment to promoting sports across the country. “We are dedicated to nurturing talent and providing platforms for our athletes to shine on the international stage,” he stated. He also expressed gratitude to the French Embassy for its support in fostering cultural and sporting ties between the two nations.

The celebration concluded with an award ceremony, recognizing the contributions and achievements of athletes and organizers. The presence of Olympians provided an inspiring touch, as they shared their journeys and motivated the young participants.

Olympic Day 2024 at LCWU was a resounding success, reflecting the universal values of sportsmanship, excellence, and unity. It was a testament to the collaborative efforts of educational institutions, government bodies, and international partners in promoting the spirit of the Olympics in Pakistan.

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