LCWU Students Complete Rescue Training with 1122

LCWU Students Complete Rescue Training with 1122

LCWU Students Complete Rescue Training

The students of the Disaster Management Program from the Department of City & Regional Planning (CRP) at Lahore College for Women University (LCWU) successfully completed a rigorous four-day professional training course conducted by Punjab Emergency Service (Rescue 1122). This training, which is an integral part of their academic curriculum, was organized under the supervision of Plnr. Roohi Naeem, Planning Officer at Rescue 1122 and a visiting faculty member of the Disaster Management (DM) program. The coordination for this training was managed by Plnr. Kashmala Tahir, a lecturer in the DM department.

The training aimed to equip the students with practical skills and knowledge essential for effective disaster management and emergency response. Over the course of four days, the participants engaged in a variety of hands-on exercises and simulations, learning critical techniques for handling emergencies, conducting rescues, and providing first aid.

Upon completion of the program, all participants were awarded certificates, officially recognizing their new skills and competencies. Additionally, they have now become team members of Rescue 1122, further strengthening their commitment to serving the community and enhancing their practical experience in disaster management.

The collaboration between LCWU’s Disaster Management Program and Rescue 1122 highlights the importance of integrating academic learning with practical training. This initiative not only enriches the students’ educational experience but also prepares them to respond effectively to real-world emergencies.

The successful completion of this training marks a significant milestone for the students, as well as for the partnership between LCWU and Rescue 1122. It underscores the value of experiential learning and the critical role of trained professionals in managing disasters and ensuring public safety.

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