The Advantages Of Learning A Foreign Language And How To Get Started


Bonjour! I was taking French lessons in Brisbane when it hit me; the realization of how important learning a foreign language is for us all. In the world of today, being multilingual is acknowledged to be of great importance. Learning languages other than your native language opens up broader perspectives, financially and socially. Not only does this give you a better understanding of your own language, but it also helps to build up strong and loyal connections with people from all around the world.

Learning a foreign language comes along with a number of advantages. Some of them may include…



Gateway To Employment Opportunities

Other than freelancing or location-specific jobs, learning a second language can open tons of career opportunities. There are dozens of companies that are spreading their branches all over the world. This is where you can be cherished. As they work in different countries with diversity of spoken languages, such companies are constantly looking for multilingual and globally smart minds. Being well-versed in a number of languages will also provide you with the opportunity to travel and communicate well with others on business or leisure trips.

 Academic Edge 

Do you know that a number of top educational programmes in the world are conducted in languages that are native to the countries where these courses are offered? For example, a number of top universities in China and Germany are offering courses in English language, but there are still a wide variety of programmes that  can only be taken up in native languages. And often these programmes are backed by lucrative scholarships.  So, having the knowledge of say, German or Chinese language, might not only put you head and shoulders above other international applicants, but also land you with educational opportunities that you otherwise could not have afforded without having a grip of native languages of those countries.


Meet New People

A fun-filled perk of using a foreign language is the chance to meet new people and make friends that come from backgrounds that are entirely different and unknown to you. That’s a great way to improve upon your knowledge of this world. It is also a known fact that strangers are likely to open up to you more when you speak their mother language. Also if you are taking classes in a group, you get to meet new people and have an instant connection with the people you get to share your new skills with.

It’s Getting Global Importance

In order to keep up with a rapidly changing globalized world, it is now being considered a necessity to learn at least one second language. In the coming years, those who have knowledge of only their mother language will be left behind in the progressive world.

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Become Better At Travelling

Communication is one of the biggest challenges when you travel to a foreign country for tourism. Be it ordering food, haggling with taxi drivers or shopkeepers or simply finding the way to your hotel, a lack of understanding of the local language often ends up getting you more confused, resulting in a less than ideal experience. Imagine if you knew the language of the locals and the savings, the ease and the good food that you could enjoy simply through the prowess of a language. Those are some pleasures no other thing but the knowledge of a language can offer.


Once You Learn One, The Next Becomes Easier

Once you learn a foreign language, you will find that the techniques you are using in one can easily be applied to other languages as well. One of the many effects learning a second language has on our brain is that it is able to learn and adopt skills that can be used in learning any language of the world. So basically after learning one, it becomes easy to learn other languages as well.


How To Get Started

Gone are the days when you had to be stuck in a foreign country with no choice but to learn its language. Or sit back in your high school classes and opt for a language class just to complete your credit hours. To be honest, I don’t think we learn anything from those classes. In the modern era of which we are a part of, there are countless options when it comes to learning of anything. When talking about a foreign language, there are a lot many ways from which you can choose one and tail along.

Some of these ways include:

  • Taking classes. A number of language institutes have opened up everywhere with the aim to teach people of all ages, multiple languages.
  • For those who can’t get their hands on institutes, they can opt for online classes or tutorials. They can either watch tutorials on YouTube channels or register themselves for an online course with a one-to-one session with a professional instructor.
  • Moreover, there are countless applications which you can install in your smartphones and learn multiple languages with your own learning pace.


So it’s time to stop contemplating. It is time to begin learning a foreign language. Godspeed!




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