Lebanese school chain Choueifat quits Pakistan

Lebanese school chain Choueifat quits Pakistan

Choueifat quits Pakistan

Amid current economic turmoil and uncertain financial situation of Pakistan, Lebanese School chain International School of Choueifat (ISC) Lahore has announced plans to quit Pakistan. However, the school is handed over to The City School management. The esteemed institution, known for its rigorous academic standards and distinctive educational approach, will now operate under the name of Trinity Lahore.

The announcement was recently made by President SABIS Carl Bistany, in an official letter. However, recently appointed Head of Operations Trinity Lahore Ayesha Ziagham also released a statement announcing the acquisition ISC Lahore.

President SABIS, Carl Bistany regarding the handing said in an official statement, “Given the challenging economic situation in Pakistan and the ongoing stringent foreign currency restrictions, FJS and SABIS® have mutually agreed that it is in the best interest of the school operation to replace the current foreign-based school operator SABIS® with local operator City Schools as of July 1, 2024.”

He added, “I am sure you can appreciate that this decision was a very difficult one to take. SABIS® has been an integral part of The International School of Choueifat – Lahore’s journey since the opening of the school in 1992. Over the decades, SABIS® has educated and graduated over 1,500 students, preparing them for success at university and beyond. We are also very proud of what our teams have achieved over the years and all the hard work the teachers and staff have dedicated to ensuring that ISC-Lahore maintains its reputation as a serious academic institution.

As you read this letter, I am sure that you have many questions on your mind about the upcoming academic year. Please rest assured that all parties are committed to ensuring a smooth transition and a seamless continuity in your children’s education. You will shortly be receiving additional information from the management of City Schools regarding the next academic year.”

Head of Operations Trinity Lahore Ayesha Zaigham released a statement claiming, “I hope this message finds you well. I am writing to inform you of some important updates regarding the International School of Choueifat in Lahore. Further to the correspondence received from SABIS® regarding the change of management, I am pleased to announce that our school will now be called Trinity.”

She further explained, “With this development, even though the SABIS curriculum will not be valid, we will be transitioning the students to a new international curriculum. However, please rest assured that we are planning a detailed progression to ensure a seamless learning experience for all our students. All international qualifications will continue to be offered, and no student will be disadvantaged during this process. You will shortly receive additional information from the management of Trinity regarding the next academic year.”

She also announced a meeting, “To facilitate this transition, we are planning a town hall event tentatively scheduled for 21st May. At this event, we will discuss the changes in detail and take you through our vision for Trinity. Following this event, we will conduct one-on-one meetings with parents to discuss the transition process further and address any individual concerns. We value our alumni and the existing SABIS fraternity, and we want you all to be a part of this exciting new chapter with Trinity.”

Ayesha further noted, ‘We are dedicated to elevating Trinity to become one of the premier educational institutions in Pakistan. Your trust is crucial, and together, we’ll make Trinity excel. Thanks for your support during this transition. Looking forward to the journey ahead with you and our students.”

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