Lahore Garrison University (LGU) has set a new standard for academic innovation in the region by using of multiple cameras at academic conferences  with the support of HEC Educational Television as the initiative’s official media partner.

This approach has been praised by both academicians and attendees for its success in fostering a higher level of interaction between international and local presenters and audiences.

Dr Amir Bajwa, the head of Mass Communication Department, believes that this model can significantly improve the way academic conferences are arranged worldwide. This approach not only saves costs but also fosters a greater sense of community among attendees and presenters. The use of multiple cameras creates the illusion that the audience and speaker are in the same room, making the experience more fascinating and beneficial for everyone involved.

The Lahore Garrison University is committed to excellence and innovative solutions, and the Vice-Chancellor, Lt Gen (R) Shehzad Sikander is satisfied with the recent use of multiple cameras during academic conferences. This approach has set a new standard for academic innovation and has the potential to improve academic conferences worldwide. The University is dedicated to finding new ways to address the difficulties Pakistan faces by equipping its students and faculty with state-of-the-art technology and forward-thinking pedagogical practices.

This innovative approach may entice scholars from other countries to visit Pakistan and provide invaluable assistance to the country’s research community. By using this strategy, Pakistani universities can compete favorably with their Western counterparts. LGU envisions that by using this technology, they can create a learning environment that encourages teamwork and acceptance of differences.

Overall, LGU is dedicated to finding new ways to address the challenges Pakistan faces and to raise the bar on education in the country. The institution is excited about the potential for this technology to change academic conferences both in Pakistan and beyond, and is committed to continuing its tradition as a pioneer in the field of educational reform.

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