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Five reasons To Pursue A Liberal Arts Degree


Aisha Saeed

The significance of liberal arts education is far more pertinent and important than most of us think. Modern liberal arts refer to academic subjects like philosophy, literature, history, arts, social and religious studies. Be it critical thinking skills or analysis, problem solving ability or diversity of thought, opinion or exposure to a broader world, the benefits of a liberal arts degree and the valuable skills you learn are as innumerable as they get.

To get you motivated, here are five reasons why you should pursue a liberal arts degree.

It’s Interdisciplinary

A liberal arts degree provides an interdisciplinary education. You can take up multiple subjects or study subjects designed to teach more than one basic subject. This makes learning more interesting and shows how versatile a discipline can be. Having a broad background of education prepares students for different types of careers with a higher chance of success and allows you to follow your passion.

It Sharpens Your Thinking

Leaning more than one subject helps build your analytical, critical and creative thinking skills. You tend to ask more questions, look at a problem from different angles and find tangible solutions to them. Students of liberal arts education learn to observe, reason and connect pieces of information together, as the teaching focuses more on how to think, rather what to think. These skills are important for innovative ideas that can bring about a change in life of the pupil as well as the world.

You Learn How To Communicate

Armed with a wide ranging knowledge base, a pursuer of a liberal arts degree learns to express ideas both verbally and orally in clearer manner. Students of liberal arts are more likely to perform better during presentations and writing reports. They understand the importance of using the correct vocabulary and know that a word can change the entire meaning of a text or conversation. If you have taken up a foreign language class, that will become yet another ace up your sleeve.

It Increases Your Employability

Some think getting a job with a degree in liberal arts education becomes more difficult, but the case is otherwise. Your employability is linked with your ability to think critically and communicate effectively with others. People with a liberal arts background are most likely to think out of the box, a trait all employers look for, especially when faced with a crisis. The Association of American Colleges and Universities seconds the claim.

You Become Socially Responsible

Students of liberal arts education tend to be more socially responsible and cater to an organization’s civic responsibility. Liberal arts education exposes you to various cultures and helps you keep an open mind. Liberal arts graduates have the experience of working with communities and are better able to maintain projects that involve different communities or help foster a harmonious office environment.

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