This Norwegian Library Would Make You Want To Read Books Forever


Thinking of libraries conjures up images of dimly lit ancient halls reeking with the smell of mouldering books. Not an enticing one then, right? But a library which you probably don’t know exists on this very planet will make you want to read books forever. Literally, forever. Take one look at this amazing library in Norway and you’d want a life membership for sure. It is certainly among the most beautiful libraries in the world.

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Situated in the Norwegian Municipality of Vennesla in Vest-Agder County, the public library called the Vennesla Library and Culture House was commissioned in 2005 and opened for public in 2011. The winning design by the firm Helen & Hard from Stavanger was chosen among hundreds of entries in a competition held in 2008.Norway Lib 2

The main material used in the building is wood. That’s not much surprising, but what is awe-inspiring is the way architects have bent the giant timber arcs into sweeping shapes to make them look like the ribs of a whale skeleton. The library and its design has won several awards and attracted much admiration from lovers of both books and architecture.

norway lib 20 We’ll let the pictures do rest of the talking and your imagination do the remaining work.

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