Life As An Off-Campus Student: What To Expect And Consider

Life As An Off-Campus Student: What To Expect And Consider

Life As An Off-Campus Student

The choice to live a life as an off-campus student is not an easy thing. There are still many questions linked to life off campus such as the expectations of landlords, finding a property within your budget and the safety of surrounding areas. But on the other side, it has plenty of benefits too. First of all, it gives you the essence of independent life and freedom to live your life according to your choice. I know many people who chose life off campus while being enrolled in courses like French lessons Brisbane. It also provides you with the opportunity to earn some extra money along with your studies.

Life off campus can give a different experience because you are entirely dependent on yourself. But you need to look upon the factors linked with it. Here are some of the detailed tips and some questions that may be rolling in your mind, if you decide to live life as an off-campus student.

What Should Be Expected Of A Landlord?

It is very important to build a healthy relationship with your landlord once you have decided to be his tenant. For this, always try to clear your rent before the due date, Don’t make any damage to the house, you should always act responsibly when inviting your friends for a party or for group study, be cautious about their behaviors and above all follow all of your commitments which you have signed at the time of agreement.

If there is a defect which has to be repaired, you should write a complaint to your landlord and notify him through e-mail or through the housing department of that area. It’s the responsibility of the landlord to take care of the defect, but if he fails to do so, you can always complain about him to the housing department of your area. They will inquire about the complaints and the repairs and take the steps according to the legal agreement.

If you want to move out, being a responsible tenant you should inform him in writing and ask for your security deposit fees. After reviewing, it is his responsibility to make a list of any damages made by you or to return your security deposit fee before you leave the property.

What To Consider While Choosing A Property

You should do careful research to make and deal with a financial plan for yourself. Your financial plan could incorporate things like your earning, getting financial assistance from your parents, and grant reserves. Here are some key considerations:


Few property owners ask for a security deposit fee while many might make this a hard and fast rule. However, you should be set up to incorporate that sum in your financial plan. A security deposit could be as much as one whole month’s rent. Remember this cost while looking and planning for off-campus life.

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  • RENT

It will be the most important part to consider when planning a budget for your accommodation. What amount of your pay would you be able to allow to pay your rent? It is a decent principle guideline to put close to 25 percent of your month to month salary towards rent.


If you drive a car, a few properties have paid parking spaces that offer an advantageous and close spot to park your car. Make sure to get some information about that when you are on the chase for a property. On the off chance that you don’t drive, you may need to pay for open travel to and from your college, depending upon how far your residence is from your college.


If you have a car then distance is not a big issue but if you are going to consider public transport than you should look for a property that is as close to the campus as possible.


Your monthly rent could possibly cover all the utilities. When you are thinking about an accommodation off campus, make certain things in mind, so there are no curve balls. Average utilities include water, gas, power, waste, and Internet services. The monthly cost of utilities will differ depending on the area, so you should do your research to discover the amount you can hope to spend.

Scanning Surroundings



You should always take care of the rights of neighbors. You don’t want loud music or noises when you are trying to sleep or study. The same goes for your neighbors. They may be individuals who need to get up early for work the following day and value peace of mind as well as the night.


Most of the students are not ready to manage the cost of private security guards that accompany 24-hour security. Most housing societies have security monitors on point at extremely inconvenient times of the day and night, and they are accessible with just a call. The cost makes sense, as it is always smarter to be secured.

Do you think I missed a point or two, or have a suggestion of your own? Let me know through your comment.

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