London-Based Entrepreneur Teams Up With Ed-Tech Startup


Karachi-based Ed-tech startup Dot and Line have successfully closed their seed round with an additional investment from London-based entrepreneur, Zeeshah Shah.

Zeeshan is an award winning entrepreneur focused on the real estate with projects in excess of $500 Million under development and interests in the USA, UK, Dubai and Pakistan.

Seed Round Refers to a series of related investments in which 15 or less investors “seed” a new company with anywhere from $50,000 to $2 million. This money is often used to support initial market research and early product development.

The seed round was led by Pakistan’s leading VC fund Sarmayacar and Silicon Valley-based private investor and technology industry veteran Hasan Rizvi, former Executive Vice President of Oracle in California.

Founded in 2015 by two LSE (London School of Economics) alums; Maheen Adamjee and Lina Ahmed, Dot & Line is a tech-based network of female tutors who deliver after-school classes in mathematics and English from their own homes.

With the cutting-edge technology and a quality curriculum built for Dot & Line by subject specialists including PhDs from leading universities and top schools, Dot & Line’s tutors are able to show a 40% increase in student learning outcomes within 4 months, while earning PKR 24,000 ($150) to PKR 72,000 ($450) every month by delivering the program without leaving their home.

Since raising their seed round in June 2019 Dot and Line has expanded its offering by launching an English Program to compliment its flagship Math Program. The program has been a roaring success, and has added to Dot and Line’s growth momentum by increasing monthly registrations by over 4x in just two months.

In addition they have built a robust and salable tech-enabled teacher recruitment process that can be used to recruit and train women anywhere in the country to become Dot and Line Teacher Partners. With it, Dot and Line has grown its network of teaching centers to 200 locations, spanning major cities across Pakistan and successfully matching parents with trained and certified teachers located just 5 minutes away.

The company is continuously developing new content, striving to fill learning gaps, and implementing teaching methodologies that are student – centric and inclusive for all learners.

Till date, Dot and Line has successfully helped over 900 students overcome their learning challenges with Math and English. Lina Ahmed, Co-Founder of Dot & Line says “we strive for nothing less than excellence regarding the quality of our content and teachers. It is our belief as a company that there is no reason a child should be struggling academically if these two core components are provided and by leveraging technology we are able to make a much stronger nation-wide impact.”

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COO of Dot & Line, Fariha Yousufi said the company’s approach to growth has been two- fold.“We constantly turn to data collected from our customers, teacher partners, experts in the field and our target market to look for opportunities to pave and fuel our way forward; moreover, as an ed-tech company, we are deeply committed to using technology to solve for problems and build systems across the board, from customer acquisition and service delivery to recruitment and training of teacher partners. Today Dot and Line, with its lean team, robust data-driven processes, and automated tech-enabled systems is perfectly positioned for fast growth.”

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