LUMS increases fee by 20 percent, students hold protest

LUMS increases fee by 20 percent, students hold protest

LUMS increases fee by 20 percent, students hold protest

By Arslan Haider

Lahore: Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS) has increased the per semester fee by 20 percent without informing students. A group of students also held a protest outside the university campus demanding administration to take the decision back.

LUMS administration did not intimate students by any other means except by updating the fee structure on its website. According to the new fee structure updated on the website, the per credit hour fee now will be Rs 32,820 which was previously 26,190. Making it to a per semester fee of Rs656,400 which was previously Rs 538,200 making it a 20 percent increase.

Meanwhile, a group of students from Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS) staged a peaceful protest outside the varsity’s main gate, against the recent fee hike imposed by the university. Led by Tabish Hamid, a candidate for the upcoming student council elections, the students expressed their concerns about the new fee structure and its impact on their education.

According to Tabish Hamid, the new fee structure, which was recently updated on the university’s official website, has increased the per credit hour fee from Rs26,910/- to Rs32,820/-. This means that if a student takes 20 credit hours per semester, the increase in fee amounts to Rs118,200, making the new fee per semester Rs656,400/-. Hamid criticized the university for what he sees as an anti-student educational environment, citing problems with the university’s hostel mess and expensive food chains operating within the campus, which charge high rates from students. He added that the per day living expenses inside the campus range from Rs 1500-2500 per student.

“LUMS has a reputation for producing top professionals in every field, including bureaucrats, politicians, and businessmen,” said Tabish. “If the university is unable to manage its finances, then why not start its own business managed by an investment board and use the profit to fund the university? After all, it is one of the top management universities in the region.”

The students dispersed peacefully after the protest and announced their intention to explore every possible option to address the university’s new fee policy. They also stated that they reserve the right to approach other legal forums such as the high court if their demands are not met.

This fee hike has been a major point of concern for students and their families. The protest aimed to convey the students’ demand for a fair and reasonable fee structure that does not create a burden on the students’ families. The university administration has yet to respond to the protest.

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