LUMS Janitorial Staff Protests Delay In Payment Before Easter

Arsalan Haider

The janitorial staff of Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS) staged a demonstration against a delay in promised payments in connection with Easter at the university premises on Saturday , demanding the administration come good on its promise of payments. A number of students also joined the LUMS janitorial staff protest to express solidarity .
Several Twitter users shared images of LUMS janitorial staff during a sit-in at the varsity premises, demanding the administration resolve the issue at the earliest. The staff lodged the protests because they were promised an award of Rs 5,000 before Easter, but were only paid Rs 2,000.

Shafaq, a Twitter user, shared pictures of protesting staff and said, ‘Friends in #LUMS, the MBM staff is protesting against the delay of their payments. They’ve been given an advance of 2k instead of the usual 5k they get before Easter. Rest of the payment for 20 days will be given to them on Monday, one day AFTER Easter.’

She later on also shared a Charter of Demand from the employees which demanded the payment of Rs 10,000 which was the salary of the staff until that day. They also demanded the release of withheld payments of some of the workers who hadn’t paid their previous monthly salaries. As per charter of demand, the workers demanded reimbursement of salary deducted unfairly under the pretext of “wage cuts”.

Other demands of the charter included permanent employment status of MBM workers, a development of Labour Code according to Pakistani and international laws and vacations for lower staff on important days including Pakistan Day, Labour Day, Defence Day etc.

The protest ended late on Saturday evening after LUMS was forced to pay the Rs 10,000 in payments due as demanded by the staff members.


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