McGill University Students Rename Campus Buildings


In a bold and symbolic move, students at McGill University in Montreal have embarked on a campaign to rename more than 30 campus buildings after Palestinian cities. By affixing stickers bearing the names of these cities onto the university edifices, they aim to draw attention to the historical and ongoing plight of Palestinian communities.

The initiative, led by the student-based organization Solidarity for Palestinian Human Rights (SPHR), seeks to honor the memory of Palestinian villages that have been erased due to settler colonialism. Each renamed building now stands as a poignant reminder of the rich cultural heritage and resilience of these communities.

However, this action has not been without controversy. McGill University recently revoked its name from the SPHR group following a now-deleted social media post that described a Hamas attack in Israel as “heroic”. The university expressed concern that such rhetoric could be perceived as endorsing violence against civilians and was inconsistent with its values.

Despite this setback, SPHR remains committed to advocating for Palestinian rights. The group believes that McGill’s decision to disassociate itself from their cause is an attempt to divert attention from the ongoing genocide in Gaza. SPHR rejects this move, asserting that it will continue to champion anti-colonial solidarity and raise awareness about the Palestinian struggle on campus.

As the debate unfolds, the renamed buildings serve as a powerful testament to the resilience of Palestinian villages and their enduring legacy, even in the face of adversity. McGill University’s campus now bears witness to a silent but impactful protest, echoing the voices of those whose history has been marginalized and erased. The stickers, once mere labels, have transformed into symbols of resistance and remembrance, etching the Palestinian narrative onto the very walls of academia.

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