Mehran University students detect germs in water by inventing a portable microscope

Mehran University students detect germs in water by inventing a portable microscope

Mehran University students detect germs in water by inventing a portable microscope

The students of Mehran University of Engineering and Technology (MUET) Karachi have invented a portable microscope that is equal to the size of a palm to detect germs in the water. In their research, they identified that around 80 percent of the population is drinking contaminated water that has harmful effects on health.

The Pakistani microscope inventors talked to a news channel about their project and explained their findings. Talking about the microscope, the students, Hamza Bhutto and Namdaar Zahid said that it is a micro telescope that they made by using 3D print. They told the channel that the size of the microscope is equal to the size of a palm so it can be carried out in a pocket without any hassle.

The microscope is a replacement for the already existing solutions for detecting microscopic things. For example, there are compound microscopes that can only work in laboratories and are also hard to use. According to the students, they invented this portable microscope to bring ease for the researchers. It is indeed a great solution to carry out research in the field in different areas without having to collect samples. It will also reduce the chances of error thus enhancing the accuracy of the findings.

One of the students, Hamza Bhutto, explained that the lens in the microscope is the same as used in the compound microscope. So, there is no question about the accuracy of the results of the research. It will produce just as accurate results as does a compound microscope.

Further explaining the working of their newly invented microscope, they said that it is very simple to use as you only have to insert the slide in the microscope. It can be connected to a mobile app that is designed for this device. The detection of germs or anything to be researched about can be found through the app, they clarified.

The device is a great addition to the field of science but it is yet not available to be bought by other universities for their research purposes. They have devised only one microscope and are using it for their research. They said that they can surely produce such microscopes if the government supports them. For now, they have developed this microscope from the resources available at the university. This is also a great device for the students from the areas of Pakistan where they do not have access to laboratories, explained the students highlighting the significance of their invention.

This is the good part of the story. The alarming thing is the finding of their research that most of the people are drinking the water that is causing several chronic diseases. The research has not been completed yet. The students intend to make data sets to precisely identify the number of bacteria in the water.

Both, the invention and the findings of the research are great in terms of their impact. The government should take notice and take care of both.

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