Mental Health Session At IBA Karachi Discusses Stress Management, Emotional Well-being

Mental Health Session At IBA Karachi Discusses Stress Management, Emotional Well-being

The human resource department at Institute of Business Administration and Saaya Health conducted a session to discuss the importance of mental health of an institute’s students, staff and faculty. The session was widely attended by the IBA fraternity, including students.

The discussion was led by Saaya Health Counsellor Asma Inayat, who focused on strategies to cope and manage stress.

IBA HR Director Mashooque Ali Bhatti commenced the session by introducing the Saaya team. It was followed by Inayat’s talk which revolved around overall mental wellbeing. She discussed strategies of stress management, tackling challenges in our daily lives and developing resilience to eliminate negative elements. She also cleared common misconceptions about counsellors and encouraged students to reach out to them without the fear of being judged.

IBA Social Sciences and Liberal Arts Assistant Professor Dr Nadya Qamar Chishty-Mujahid talked about how students’ stress affected teachers as well. Emphasizing the role of therapists, she said, “They are specifically trained to identify problems which may involve life risks. Therefore, it is crucial to seek help from them”

At the end, Saaya Health Co-founder Alizeh Valjee informed the students about the online counselling services that Saaya Health provided. She also emphasized on the services being free for the students and staff and also demonstrated the process to sign up for the counselling services.

Saaya is a tech platform headquartered in Bahrain that works through a global network of therapists and clients to deliver Emotional Health services to organisations across MEA and beyond.

The online feature of Saaya Health gives students the option to access counselling from their home or university, and it offers them a greater range of time slots to choose from beyond the usual 9am-5pm. Research has shown that online counselling is just as effective as in person counselling. The exception is when there are crisis cases that require immediate intervention. For such cases students will be referred to in person professional.

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