Physics is a subject that delivers facts, those facts that are logical and that can be explained with the help of mathematical logic. In this article, we have listed some surprising yet mind-blowing facts about physics. Read on!

1. Saturn can float on water like ice

Saturn is a huge planet, the second largest among the eight planets in the solar system. Saturn has a density of less than that of water, around 0.7 g/cc, whereas the density of water is 1 g/cc. According to the theories of flotation, a substance which is less density than liquid floats in that liquid. So, Saturn might literally float on water.

2. Water can boil and freeze at the same temperature

Water may boil or freeze at the same temperature. The temperature and the value of the pressure correspond to a point known as a triple point. At this point, the three phases, liquid, ice and water vapor coexist which means that the water can boil and freeze at the same temperature.

3. The sun doesn’t change color during sunset

The sun doesn’t change color during sunset, this is because the wavelengths of the sun react with the difference in the atmosphere.

4. Steel is more elastic than rubber

Steel is much more elastic than rubber. According to physics, elasticity is the property of a material to regain its shape after its deformation. One might not believe that steel is more elastic in nature, but physics dictates that it is. This is the reason why steel is used for making buildings and bridges.

5. Time goes faster at the top of the building

According to the famous Theory of Relativity by Einstein, the farther an object is from the earth’s surface the faster time passes. So, the time goes way fast at the top of the building as compared to the bottom.

6. Pi is an irrational number

Irrational numbers are those numbers that cannot be expressed as fractions. Pi is a non-repeating and an infinitely long number. The closest fractional estimate of pi is about 22/7.

7. Particles can behave differently when observed

Things tend to get weird when it comes to quantum. The particles like electrons behaved as a spread-out wave, this property is known as the duality by physicists. Because of this property, they tend to appear differently as a wave when we are not looking at them, while as a wave when we look at them. It somehow means that the particles know as if we are looking at them, this is also known as the observer effect.

8. Light travelling faster is not entirely true

We all have studied this back in school that how light travels faster, well this is quite not true. The speed of light does not always pass through the vacuum, and it is only there that they have constant speed. So, it passes through water, the protons travel at around 3 quarters that speed.

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