Minister for Education announces the timeline for the implementation of SNC


Federal Minister for Education, Shafqat Mehmood, announced on Monday that the Single National Curriculum (SNC) for the students of VI and VIII grades all over the country will be implemented from August 2022.  

The education minister addressed the opening session of the Overseas Convention in Islamabad and said that the government will be implementing the SNC from August of the same year. He said, ‘the uniform curriculum from grade I to V was implemented in the previous year,’ further explaining that the scope of SNC will be extended from grade VI to VIII this year and that the syllabus for grades IX to XII will be implemented in the coming year. 

Not just that he made this announcement but also explained the philosophy and the government’s rationale behind the implementation of a Single National Curriculum. He asserted that the government of Imran Khan has taken the decision of implementing a uniform curriculum in all the institutes of the country to maintain equality in the educational opportunities for all the students no matter what background or socioeconomic status they belong to. 

He also said that the previous education system promotes inequality and division because different curricula are being taught to different students based on how much they can spend. The government is not only working on the SNC to bring educational equality and advancement. The opportunities in skills development are also being provided by different programs started under the leadership of Imran Khan. 

The education minister also mentioned one of such recent initiatives taken by the government. He said that an agreement between Saudi Arabia and Pakistan has been made that ensures the skills development of Pakistani youth. 

Moreover, he mentioned that the government is putting all the efforts to facilitate overseas Pakistanis in the field of education.  ‘All provinces have started extensive teachers’ training,’ said Shafqat Mehmood adding that around 50,000 scholarships are being provided to female students of the country annually. Mehmood particularly mentioned the importance of students coming back to the country after completing their education abroad. This ensures that they will serve Pakistan in the best of their capacities, he maintained.

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