Minister Ismail Rahu inaugurates new lecture hall at JSMU

Minister Ismail Rahu inaugurates new lecture hall at JSMU

Minister Ismail Rahu inaugurates new lecture hall at JSMU
Sindh Minister of Universities & Boards, Environment, Climate Change and Coastal Development Muhammad Ismail Rahu inaugurated the newly renovated lecture hall at Jinnah Sindh Medical University (JSMU) on Wednesday.
The honourable Minister also met the heads of JSMU institutes who discussed the development of new-age infrastructure and the creation of modern complexes, alongwith a brief overview of the newly introduced programmes in JSMU and its affiliated colleges.
The body discussed the matter related to the shortage of Nursing staff at JPMC and NICH and increasing the volume of staff and faculty members at JSMU. The discussion also raised the query of hiring a Project Director to utilize the funds of Sindh Annual Development Programme funds. Minister Ismail Rahu said that ‘It is amongst my priorities to initiate, facilitate and implement the developmental and educational plans and deal with the matters pertaining to JSMU.’
The renovated lecture hall is designed to serve as an e-classroom enabling live streaming of lectures with advanced connections for IT facilities, internet access through WiFi, document visualizers through projectors and screens, and CCTV surveillance. The lecture hall has an interactive space for students and faculty members for conferences, lectures, and group tasks.
Acting Vice Chancellor Professor Shahid Rasul said, “the well-equipped state-of-the-art Anatomy lecture hall will be vital in  promoting teaching learning activities necessary for modern medical education.”
Shortly after inaugurating the lecture hall, Minister Ismail Rahu took a tour of the JSMU campus accompanied by Registrar Dr Azam Khan, Principal SMC-JSMU Professor Ghulam Sarwar Qureshi, Executive Director Nasir Saleem Saddal National Institute of Child Health (NICH), Dean of Medicine Professor Masroor Ahmed and others.
Sindh Minister of Universities and Boards also presented shields of excellence to the alumni at the Jinnah Sindh Medical University Alumni Association of North America (JSMUAANA) Winter Meeting on Career Guidance and Scientific Seminar, during his visit for the inauguration ceremony.

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