Minute’s silence observed at University of Caen for flood victims


A minute’s silence was observed here on Sunday at the Normandy Chair for Peace Summer School, in the University of Caen, France for the victims of devastating flood in Pakistan.

A video report on floods, made by Musadaq Sultan and Ahmed Ali, was presented at the concluding session of the summer school held at the University of Caen, on climate change, environment and rights of future generations.

The concluding session was led by Shirleen Chin, an eminent environmentalist and legal expert, David FORMAN, co-director Environmental Law Program of University of Hawai’i and Alyn Ware, an eminent campaigner and member of Normandy Chair for Peace.

Emilie GAILLARD, the General Coordinator of the Normandy Chair for Peace, was also present.

After the video report, all participants and speakers of summer school observed one minute silence for the victims of floods in Pakistan.

About 40 students from different countries of the world including the United States of America, Brazil, Chile, India, Italy, Argentina, Caribbean, Cameroon and Australia are attending the summer school.

Earlier, world renowned academicians and environmental law experts addressed the participants of summer school from Sept 1 to Sept 04, 2022.

The speakers included Professor Nicholas Robinson, who is widely globally a pioneer of modern environmental law, and Tony Oposa, an award-winning environmental lawyer and the architect and counsel of the decade-long famous Manila Bay case.

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