Mob gathered outside private school where hidden cameras were found

Mob gathered outside private school where hidden cameras were found

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The All Private Schools Management Association Sindh Central Chairman Syed Tariq Shah while talking to The News said that he condemns such a criminal act committed by the private administration.

“It’s the key responsibility of all educators to provide a safe environment to their students and teachers. No one should be allowed to install cameras in washrooms”, said Shah, added; “none of the private associations will support the school management involved in such criminal activities. We will investigate the case and after that will issue a detailed statement”.

Late on Friday evening, a mob gathered outside the school. They were chanting slogans against the school owners. In video footage circulated on social media shows that some of the protesters were climbing the main gate to enter the school campus.

Meanwhile, the FIA Cyber Crime took note of the incident. In a statement, Additional Director Cyber Crime Imran Riaz said that hidden cameras and recordings fall within the jurisdiction of FIA’s cybercrime. This was a sensitive matter. The FIA team will visit the school to further investigate the matter after getting access to the recordings and other details.

Likewise, the FIA team will also obtain details of the inquiry committee formed by the Dirpis. However, the education department has already requested the FIA Cyber Crime to probe investigation into the matter.

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