MoFEPT Dance Notification Sparks Controversy Amidst Criticism


A recent notification issued by the Ministry of Federal Education and Professional Training (MoFEPT) Pakistan to schools in Islamabad has stirred controversy and drawn widespread criticism on social media platforms.

The notification, which urged schools to participate in UNESCO’s Dance for Education campaign, has faced backlash from various quarters of the online community. Critics have raised concerns regarding the appropriateness and effectiveness of the campaign, questioning its alignment with the pressing educational needs and challenges facing Pakistan.

The campaign, coinciding with the release of the song “Education in the Air” by Goodwill Ambassador A’Salfo and Magic System, aims to highlight education’s transformative power and its role in shaping a more just and sustainable world. However, critics argue that amidst the myriad of educational issues plaguing the country, such as access to quality education, educational inequality, and infrastructure deficiencies, a dance campaign may appear trivial and out of touch with the gravity of these challenges.

MoFEPT Dance Notification
MoFEPT Dance Notification

Furthermore, skepticism has been voiced regarding the practicality and inclusivity of using dance as a means of advocacy. Some argue that promoting dance as a form of expression may exclude individuals and communities with disabilities or those facing socio-economic barriers, thereby perpetuating exclusion and marginalization within the education system.

Social media users have expressed disappointment and frustration with the Ministry’s endorsement of the campaign, calling for a reevaluation of priorities and a more targeted approach to addressing Pakistan’s educational needs. Many have criticized the Ministry for what they perceive as a misplaced focus on symbolic gestures rather than concrete actions to improve education quality and accessibility.

In response to the criticism, the MoFEPT has yet to issue a formal statement. However, the notification may prompt calls for greater accountability and transparency in the Ministry’s decision-making processes, particularly concerning initiatives aimed at advancing education in the country.

As debates surrounding the notification continue to unfold, it underscores the complexities and challenges inherent in efforts to promote educational initiatives in Pakistan and highlights the importance of prioritizing substantive and inclusive strategies to address the country’s educational needs.

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