Most common hobbies for college students

Stress is a part of every student’s life that you can’t avoid, but one always reduces the ongoing stress by doing something fun and relaxing. They can opt for a good hobby that will keep them engaged. It can be anything like reading, playing a game, going for a walk or playing music, and much more. Everyone has a hobby. Hobbies can tend to improve your mood and lower stress. In this article, we have gathered a list of the most common hobbies for college students that will help up cope up with stress and have fun.


It is proven that exercising is healthy for the human mind and body. Exercise is not only good for your brain, but it is fun. However, not many students like to work out, so walking can also help them to reduce stress. Students are encouraged to go for a walk daily for at least half an hour and breathe in the fresh air. This will help them in feeling relaxed.


Swimming is a great way to relax as it trains the heart and removes stress and tension from the body. It helps one stay active, and it is a great way to maintain your weight too.


Photography as a hobby can be a great source of comfort. Thanks to technology, most people have access to cameras on their mobile phones, so you don’t have to spend extra bucks on buying a professional camera. One can easily try their photography skills on their mobile phones instead. Photography is fun in it own way as it helps you explore new places, one tends to get creative, it helps make new memories, and much more.


Baking as a hobby is great for people who are too busy to go out after a long tiring day at college. In fact, baking is known to be a great therapeutic activity for people. Baking is a creative process and many psychologists have expressed how baking can be a stress reliever.


Games like puzzles or chess should be a part of every student’s life. Puzzles are great for building up logical reasoning skills and strengthening mental abilities. While playing chess improves thinking abilities and helps the students in decision making. It would bring healthy competition among the kids, leading to class productivity.

Drawing and painting

Drawing and painting should not be only limited to art classes. Drawing is a form of virtual art that brings out the creativity of the students. Its one of the simplest ways of communicating visual ideas. The painting would not only increase creativity, but it is useful for the students as it helps in boosting their confidence and self-worth. This also allows students to interact with their imaginations and create a masterpiece.

Learning a new language

Learning a new language may not be a common hobby or many people might not even find it good but learning a new language is extremely interesting. Every language gives you a great opportunity to learn many new things. It is not only about the language but also the countries and cultures related to it. This will not only help you in learning a new language or cultures, but it is also great for one’s personal development.


It is known to many that reading is one of the best exercises for your brain. Some students love to read but not their course books. Reading magazines, journals, novels help students in improving their concentration and connect them to the world. It enhances their knowledge and gives them a broader view of life.


Everyone loves music; whether they listen to it or sing it, its a pleasing sound. Besides being fun, music can build imagination for students and introduce good morals. However, music should not be only limited as a hobby to do outside of college only.


Most of us may have seen our grandmothers knitting but these days its quite popular among the younger generation as well. Knitting is an archaic skill; while it helps in reducing tension and stress, it is also great in teaching us how to focus and concentrate.


Some students love writing, they are fond of writing their thoughts in their diaries. Writing brings out the creativity in a student. In fact, many students these days offer academic writing to others as a part-time work.


Participating in sports is a great way to get rid of all the stress and tension gathered up in one’s body. Whether you choose to play sports in a group or alone, one can produce endorphins in their body which is great for physical health. Playing sports in a park with friends can also be a good way to expand your social circle.

Now you know most most common hobbies for college students, I am sure you will spend good time.

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