Multan Private School’s Apathy Costs Young Teacher Her Life

Multan Private School’s Apathy Costs Young Teacher Her Life

Multan Private School's Apathy

A young female teacher lost her life due to the alleged negligence of a private school administration in Multan that refused to take her to the hospital in time. 

Asma, 18, working at Laureate Group of schools (Haris campus) was reportedly under immense stress following threats from the school’s junior headmistress of being fired from the job. Sources said Asma was contemplating taking the matter to the school’s chief executive  and PTI Vice President Southern Punjab Khalid Javed Warraich.

However, it was reported that Asma was allegedly asked to give a presentation by the school junior headmistress, Nargis. The directive for presentation was passed despite Asma complaining of not being well. But despite her pleas, she was forced to present.

Reports said that Asma succumbed to the immense stress she was under during the presentation, losing consciousness and hitting her head on the chair as she fell to the floor during the presentation.

Asma’s colleagues reported that despite heavy bleeding from the teacher’s head, the administration officials refused to call an ambulance, in fear of bringing a “bad name” to the school.

Moreover, the chief executive also denied the use of his car to rush Asma to hospital. The teacher was later rushed to the hospital in a critical state by her colleagues in a rickshaw. Asma’s ordeal continued as the hospital staff also denied first aid and preliminary treatment to the patient, asking the attendants to first call Asma’s family members. Asma’s family later rushed her to Nishtar Hospital, where she succumbed to her injuries.
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According to witnesses, Asma was the sole bread winner of her family and was also supporting her brother’s college education. Sadly, Asma earned a meagre sum of seven thousand rupees per month, which highlights how young aspiring teachers are exploited at the hands of private school administrations in various parts of the country.

Social media users and activists from all walks of life have condemned the act, launching a special movement with the hashtag #justiceforasma on leading social media platforms to demand justice for the departed.  Let us hope that Asma, a young aspiring teacher who was working to support her family and was a beacon of ray and hope for them, find peace in the next life. It is plain horrific that the school she gave her tears and sweat for could not find it important enough to get her to a hospital to save her life.

We pray for thousands like Asma who are exploited daily against meagre wages and remain far from ever obtaining justice for their misfortune.

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