Provincial Minister Ibrahim Murad has demonstrated remarkable proficiency in governance and strategic planning, unveiling a comprehensive report showcasing significant achievements and positive impacts across key ministries during his tenure.

In his role overseeing Local Government, Mines, Transport, and Livestock, Minister Murad’s initiatives have spearheaded groundbreaking developments and led to substantial financial gains for the province.

Under his stewardship in the Ministry of Local Government, Minister Murad efficiently managed $1 Billion worth of foreign-funded development projects, resulting in a boost of Rs 2.2 Billion to the provincial exchequer. This success was propelled by improved auctions of 118 cattle markets and a notable increase in property tax collection by Rs 10 billion.

Minister Murad’s launch of a youth volunteer program saw an impressive response, with over 10,000 registrations, showcasing his commitment to engaging young citizens in civic duties. Noteworthy achievements include a significant reduction in Ghost LWMC Employees, translating to a monthly saving of Rs 100 Million for the province. Moreover, initiatives like Safai Nisf Iman and the Ap Ki Baldiya, Aap Ki 1198 helpline have substantially raised sanitation standards and improved public service delivery.

In the realm of transportation, Minister Murad has led a revolution by introducing over 26,000 electric vehicles to students and government servants, resulting in savings of Rs 600 billion on road maintenance through axle load implementation. His focus on sustainable and accessible public transport is evident in the enhancements made to services such as the Orange Line and Metro Bus, including a 20% fare reduction and free travel for 2.5 million students. Projects like Axle Load Management and the solarization of Metro Stations further underscore his commitment to sustainability and fiscal responsibility.

Minister Ibrahim Murad’s accomplishments underscore his dedication to progressive governance and his ability to deliver on promises of advancement, efficiency, and prosperity across diverse sectors. Through his strategic vision and effective implementation, he has not only generated economic benefits but has also laid the groundwork for lasting expansion and improved public amenities for the province’s residents.

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