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This is Why You Must Join a Student Society at University


Studies will eat up most of your time while you are enrolled at a university. But it does not mean there is any shortage of co-curricular activities one can take up to develop an all-round personality. Sports is one option. And becoming part of one or numerous student unions or societies that universities nurture is another.

Most universities across the world are home to thousands of such associations that represent students with a passion towards a particular cause or an activity. Debating, culture, cooking, travelling, music, adventure, arts; you name it and there’s a student society for that. The case is no different with universities in Pakistan. But even though the decision to join one will be best exercised by you per your liking, we’ll tell you why you should join one (or several) during your educational sojourn.

You’ll expand your social circle

Student representatives remain in constant touch with fellow students as well as teachers, administration staff and external stakeholders like sponsors etc. This turns out to be a great opportunity to not only make friends across the curricular divide, but also forge bonds with important personalities in and outside the university. Also, student representatives are often bridges that connect the student-faculty gulf, giving them important lessons in resolution of conflicts and promotion of interests.

You’ll learn more

We are guessing you’ll join a student body with a cause that appeals to your interest. That’s okay. But what about becoming part of a cause you have no prior experience with? Well, it will be a chance to try something different and learn something new. Great at cricket? Cool. But maybe you can give debating a try as well. As Mark Twain said, in the end you’ll regret the things that you did not do more than those you did. So minimize that regret, we say, and foray into the unknown. You never know what you discover about yourself out there.

You’ll up your communication game

Being part of a public body gives students a great chance to brush up their communication skills. Rude, polite, angry, excited, moronic, melancholic; you will come across all sorts of people. And connecting with each kind in a way that best serves your club or body’s interests is a great lesson in communication skills. If done right, you will pick up important tips in the crucial arts like that of persuasion, verbal defense and promotion and marketing besides others.

You’ll become more employable

Finding a job after completing your education can be difficult given the immense competition among applicants. Fortunately, taking part in co-curricular activities and taking up extra responsibilities during the time of your university will make you stand out from the crowd and more employable than your competitors. While applying for jobs, student representatives can exhibit their ‘can do’ spirit with their achievements with student unions. Your management of curricular and co-curricular responsibilities is a showcase for your organization skills, dependability and confidence. Don’t miss out on it.

You’ll become an influencer

As part of a student club or society, you will be able to have a direct bearing on matters that affect a small or large section of the student population at your institute. You can arrange events, become part of devising policies and contribute to activities that benefit students for the better. You can also use these forums to positively shape opinions of students towards various causes. An example could be inviting fellow students to teach underprivileged children in their spare time. Small steps like these can well turn into mass movements in the future and shape the lives of hundreds of people.

You’ll be less stressed

We promise there will be times during university life when you’ll hate studying, no matter how important the call for it might be. In such cases, avenues like student societies will prove a needed break from the demands and stress of studies. Managing studies and responsibilities of your student body will not only make you an effective planner, but also help you avoid burning out by mundane routine.


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