In a collaborative effort to combat climate change and promote environmental sustainability, Mirpur University of Science and Technology (MUST) AJ&K, joined hands with Muslim Hands Mirpur to kickstart the Spring 2024 Tree Plantation Campaign at the MUST Secretariat Jarikas.

Led by Brig (R) Prof. Dr. Muhammad Younus Javed SI (M), Vice-Chancellor of MUST AJ&K, the inauguration ceremony witnessed the active participation of Mr. Qamar Atta, PR Manager, and staff members of Muslim Hands Mirpur, who joined the Vice Chancellor in planting saplings to mark the beginning of the campaign.

The event saw the presence of key figures from Mirpur University, including Prof. Dr. Tahseen Ghous, Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities, Prof. Dr. Naeem Iqbal Ratyal, Dean of the Faculty of Engineering and Technology, along with Mr. Daud Ali Siddiqui, SPS to the Vice Chancellor, Mr. Muhammad Ayub, Director Estate Management, Chairpersons, Directors, Administrative Staff, and Students of the University.

Addressing the participants, Brigadier Younus Javed underscored the vital role of trees as the lifeline of humanity, particularly in light of the escalating global environmental challenges witnessed in recent years. Emphasizing the urgency of collective action, the Vice Chancellor stressed the importance of preserving and nurturing the environment for future generations to mitigate the adverse impacts of climate change. He reaffirmed Mirpur University’s commitment to fostering sustainable practices and environmental responsibility.

The Spring 2024 Tree Plantation Campaign symbolizes a collaborative effort between Mirpur University and Muslim Hands Mirpur to instigate positive change and contribute towards a greener and healthier environment. As the campaign gains momentum, it is anticipated to not only enhance the green cover of the region but also raise awareness about the pressing need for environmental conservation and sustainable development.

Through initiatives like these, Mirpur University and Muslim Hands Mirpur set a commendable example of proactive environmental stewardship, inspiring communities to join hands in safeguarding the planet for generations to come.

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