NADRA to convert all ID Cards into Digital Wallets


NADRA is going to convert all the computerized national identity cards into digital wallets while working under the federal government’s idea of Digital Pakistan Strategy. 

Working under the same vision, National Database and Registration Authority developed an app by the name ‘Pak-ID’ that was launched by the Prime Minister, Imran Khan in August 2021. The app was developed to digitally scan documents using a smartphone camera and to capture biometrics. It has now become the most important and innovative part of NADRA’s digital ecosystem. Equipped with cutting-edge features like a cam scanner, facial recognition, and biometric, it has helped millions of people to apply for their ID cards online. 

The current project to convert all the CNICs into digital wallets is an extension of the Digital Pakistan Strategy and will be introduced as an update to the app Pak Identity. 

This initiative is supposed to have many benefits that include promoting digital banking, online business and financial solutions, and e-governance by introducing remote identification as explained by Chairman NADRA. He said he wants to digitalize the system of national identity and save people from the problems associated with conventional ID cards.

Speaking about this project, Mr. Tariq Malik, the Chairman of NADRA explained that they will be launching digital wallets as an update to the Pak-ID application. Referring to Digital Pakistan Strategy, he said, “Translating this vision into reality, we have launched the ‘Pak Identity’ mobile application as a key building block of digital ID to facilitate the applicants of national identity cards through an online portal. The app helps capture biometric fingerprints, facial recognition and to scan documents that are required to process a person’s ID card using smartphones without having to visit an embassy or NADRA office.”

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