Lahore: National College of Arts hosted an Exhibition “The Smog Show” curated by Irfan Gul Dahri (visual artist, educator and curator) in collaboration with Jawad Sharif (documentary filmmaker). Both of them are two accomplished professionals who decided to join hands and address the issue of Smog in Lahore through distinct mediums of art and public engagement. For this project, they engaged various multidisciplinary artists of Pakistan to reflect on the idea and also involved the school children to participate as they represent the future of our country. The whole activity then culminated in the form of an exhibition and a documentary film.

The show was inaugurated by Principal NCA, Prof. Dr. Murtaza Jafri who appreciated the efforts of the team in raising this sensitive issue. He said that this initiative was much needed to send a message of hope and to look for a way out for restoring the beauty of Lahore. The exhibition highlighted the works of 16 artists who commented on the disturbing effects of SMOG and how it has been affecting our lives especially in relation to Lahore. The participating artists included Abid Aslam, Ali Baba, Ahsan Memon, Kiran Saleem, Suleman Faisal, Noman Siddiqui, Syed Faraz Ali, Arsalan Farooqi, Ammara Jabbar, Abida Dahri, Arsalan Nasir, Umair Ghani, Wajid Ali Deherkiwala and Mamoona Riaz. These multidisciplinary artists have produced the artworks in form of painting, sculpture, installation, video, audio, photography and writing etc. to approach the audience through all possible sensory experiences and feel the severity of the issue and respond responsibly.

The curator of the show, Irfan Gul stated that there is a need for public awareness about the issue of smog and air pollution and since artists are generally more sensitive to reflect on social and environmental issues, we have brought various contemporary Pakistani artists together to work on the issue of smog in Lahore. There is an immediate need to make laws/policy to control and reduce air pollution. The Show will last till 10th December.

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